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The ancient cultural heritage of the ancient city of Dion, the most sacred city of the Macedonians. During the Hellenistic period, Dion reached great prosperity, while at the same time the greatest Macedonian kings held in the city important victory celebrations. Philip II, father of Alexander the Great, organized in the city fights to thank the gods after the victory of his army.
There is a grat archeological area-park where we will visit the sacred holy area of Dimitra, Zeus and Isida, the ancient city walls and early Christian basilica churches.Combined with the traditional beauty of the foothills of the Mythical Mount Olympus, which arises impressively in front of you.
We visit the museum and the archaeological site of Dion in a full guidance and then we will feel the energy of Greek gods while walking in a beautifull path inside the mountain next to the canyon of Enipeas (30’). It is the flattest part of the mountain-easy to walk for everyone.
 We will have time in the scenic village of Litochoro with the stone-built houses right on the foothills of the highest mountain in Greece, Olympus, while you enjoy traditional food and coffee in an entirely picturesque landscape!
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Saturday, March, 17, 2018


  • Museum and archaeological site of Dion
  • The path through the mountain Olympus (canyon of Enipeas)
  • Litochoro


        At the entrance of The Met Hotel at 11:00 p.m



7.5 hours ( 2 hours on the road )


We depart to Dion with the bus of Ammon Express
at 11:00 from The Met Hotel.

The distance is about 90 km and lasts about 1 hour.

We reach Dion where we take a walk back in history admiring the ancient city and later on we visit the Museum of Dion with the findings and statues of the ancient city as well as the unique mosaic located at the gallery.

Afterwards, we will walk to the path through the Mountain Olympus and through the amazing canyon of Enipeas.

Next, we visit the picturesque village of Litochoro, which is located on the foothills of Mount Olympus, where we will enjoy our coffee and light lunch at a restaurant with Greek traditional flavors, against the view of Mount Olympus.

We depart to Thessaloniki at about 17:30 where we return after approximately one hour (18:30) arriving again at the entrance of The Met Hotel.


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