Young Scientist Excellence Award

Promoting the Work of Young Scientists


Special awards of excellence on Computational Methods in Sciences and Engineering

The work of young scientists has a special place in the ICCMSE.
The Conference encourages and promotes excellence of young scientists.
Four prizes will be awarded to graduate students or scientists with a recently completed PhD, in the areas:

  • Computational Methods in Sciences¬†
  • Engineering

Prize-winning work will be widely publicized and promoted by the Conference.

In order for someone to participate:

1. He/she must declare his participation at the desk of the Conference

2. He/she must declare if he/she is a PhD student or is a Post-doc (in this case he/she must have presented his/her PhD 3 or 4 years ago at most)

3. He/she must present his/her paper at the Conference

4. He/she must send his/her MSc Thesis and/or PhD Thesis